Thursday, March 29, 2012


First 2 modules' result were released this morning. I got...

I passed! So damn happy that I was wide awake since 9am when I was supposed to wake at 9.30am. Can relax and wait for next 2 modules to commence.

Meanwhile, I've worked for a month. So far so good. But 3-4 colleagues are resigning soon. The ones I like. No idea what will happen. Hopefully the unknowns that will replace them are nice too... I still prefer to be the newcomer! Lots of stuffs still unfamiliar with. Shall walk one step, see one step. Hoping to stay as long as possible. After all, it's just 5 hours per day. Happy or not happy, awhile only can go already. I need the experience. If not, even if I got a diploma in the future, the salary will still be very low.

Classes starting very soon! 9th April 2012. One side, I'm very excited for it. Can't wait for the day to reach. Another side, I'm worried I'll be very tired. Especially at night, if I'm too tired to focus in class. And if I can cope between work and studies.

Shall update soon again! Tomorrow will be the last day of the week to be able to relax during work. Manager and boss coming back next week!

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