Friday, June 15, 2012

Stopped Working

Last day today! Company's reason: Can't work out to have a part timer currently. Spoke to me by boss's son.

Quite happy, actually. But still prefer to stay if given. For the sake of experience and money.

But totally felt glad that I left after knowing even the owner of the company loves backstabbing.
Boss's son actually said lots of untrue stuffs about me to other colleagues after I left. Before that, already seen how he frame others that already left too.

If you ever by any chance will be able to see this, You suck, surprised you can actually sleep well (if you ever did) every night when you've spent your days speaking lies and framing others. All you did to have your current position, is by being your father's son. Rich can never understand the poor & can never understand what working for others is like.

I can finally focus on my studies instead, especially it's the busy and stressful part now. Projects and exams.

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