Friday, September 14, 2012

Second trip to Ikea

Met with Eileen for a light and quick breakfast at North Point Yakun at 11.50am, then bus to Tampines after Cousin in law and her kids reached. Straight for lunch!

Cousin in law's nasi lemak
Eileen and me had the same thing

Both of us shared a plate of this too

Cousin in law's but we shared

Total! After calculating, my lunch cost $10.

After lunch, went to walk around Ikea.

Waited god damn long for the shuttle bus. I think we waited for at least an hour. Carried meimei throughout the ride as there was no seats and it's super squeezy. Halfway through, she feel asleep and lie backwards, nearly falling. Rushed to catch her back and ended up losing my balance, fell a little on a guy and a lady. Didn't apologies as I don't think they deserve it. Couldn't even give up the seats for a toddler. Bought 51 soya bean then bus back to cousin in law's house.

Cousin bought nasi lemak back as dinner. Chatted till 10.30pm then bus back with Eileen.

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