Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Youtube Stars

Around a week ago, the students received an email that contain this picture:

These YouTube Stars are coming to the school. Managed to confirm my slot with few other classmates. 

The queue on that day was horribly long. It's probably the first and last time I will see students so eager and 'hardworkingly' queuing for hours for a workshop. The queue started as early as the classes were dismissed. 

3:30PM all the way to 6PM. 

The Sam Willows

The 38 Years Ago
I love her singing! It's so gentle and sweet. 

Nate Tao

Madilyn Bailey
Probably the most popular one that evening.

Tanner Patrick
Another popular one that evening


Coming to the end

Halfway through the event, my classmate seating beside me found the brochure with two tickets inside

It was the free tickets to their Concert at Sentosa! There were 50 pairs of tickets placed at random seats in the theatre. It was between our seats, so we don't know whose it actually belongs to. But since my classmate doesn't want to watch, and I don't think I will appreciate it as much as the real fans, we decided to give it to our other classmates whom I think will appreciate the tickets more than me. 

To be honest, I didn't know who are those stars that were performing before going for this event. But I grew interest in 'The 38 Years Ago' after hearing them sing. Planning to listen to their songs when I have the time!
Also the interviews about each stars, their background and such.

It was a very interesting event and experience. Definitely would love to attend similar workshops again. Thanks to the school!

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