Saturday, August 31, 2013

FOH Volunteer at The Necessary Stage

Went off for my first Front-Of-House Volunteer experience with Vanessa that we signed up for previously. The venue was very far for me that it took me 2 hours to reach home after it ends.

It was definitely a very fun experience especially with the staffs over there being very friendly. 

The play that we were volunteering for, which is presented by The Necessary Stage.
Mobile 2: Flat Cities

There were two sessions per day, 3PM & 8PM. We were given the chance to watch the play as well. Very interesting play with multiple languages involved although there were a few parts I do not understand. Perhaps due to me being not a very 'arty' person. 

"On the cusp of Japan's surrender during World War II, a Japanese general suffers a stroke and is tended to by a Malay gardener. As they spar, having heated debates about the war, the present is revealed: a Japanese man in a relationship with an Indian woman in Kuala Lumpur; his ex-wife coming to grips with an astrologer's predictions; their son, studying in the United States and confronted by his classmates about Japan's past. 

A multilingual production featuring artists from Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, Mobile 2: Flat Cities casts the spotlight on stories of personal, social and universal struggles across Asian cities. 

The play is The Necessary Stage's long-awaited follow up to the critically-acclaimed Mobile, which premiered at the 2006 Singapore Arts Festival and toured to Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo."

We signed up for volunteering on another two sessions on another Saturday as well! 
But first, four final examinations coming up. Stress first, relax later.

The Necessary Stage,
278 Marine Parade Road,
#B1-02 Marine Parade Community Building,
Singapore 449282

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