Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A day at The 4 Legged

Today was a pretty eventful day! I brought Cookie to 'The 4 Legged', a dog cafe once I know it is quite near us. Asked Eileen and Steffi along! 

They actually have three Samoyed named Wang Wang, Cai Cai & Man Man. They were huge! Or at least bigger than Cookie. Which I was pretty happy about. Cause Cookie tends to play rough and smaller build dogs will always be scared of him. But anyway, he didn't went all out today nor played much. Probably because he was still not used to the environment. 

Did I mention they were very fluffy?

One of my favorite photo of the day! Do-Re-Mi showing their butts.

Man Man, that cannot be let out as she has not had her shots.

The ritual for every must-do for dogs

Shortly after we arrived, a mini Japanese Spitz came! Cuddles, 11 months old. He is so much smaller than Cookie! But very fierce towards dogs disturbing him, as seen in the photo. However, he is very smart in tricks and friendly towards humans!

Look at their size difference!

The whites of the day

Until another two dogs came! A Poodle and Papillon!

My mister kpo being kpo

The mini meeting the mini

Love this shot of Cuddles! Wish I could send it to his owner though.

Flying Cookie playing with their staff

First time I see Cookie looking so much smaller

Mister kpo at it again

Belly Rub!

Why did you stop?

Cookie's unglam but so cute photo

Aiyo, why so cute!

All squeezing under our table

Then mini Cuddles decided to play with his owner's shoe

Steffi in white fluffy heaven

Man Man & the female owner

She's so smart! At such a young age, she already knows to follow the owners. If it's Cookie, he would already be long gone with me chasing after him.

Locked out!

The Husband, the wife and the mistress. Introduced by the female owner.

A Yorkshire Terrier came after awhile! Another mini.

Their foods:

Chicken Nuggets at $4.9 - feedback by Steffi that it is nice

My fried rice at $7.7

Cookie's Banana Froyo at $3.9 which he barely ate. Think he was too busy looking around and distracted

Eileen's wanton mee at $7.7

The canned drinks at $2 each, Coke float at $4.9

Overall experience: 
It was pretty fun. The owners were very friendly. They talk to you like you're their friends which makes you feel more at home. And they play with your dogs too! 

The food came pretty slow as there was only one person cooking. However, it wasn't a problem at all. As we were busy playing with the dogs and planned to stay for awhile there. And their food taste alright, although I find it quite expensive but it's understandable as most customers will stay for at least 2-3 hours to let their dogs play and with limited tables, they may not earn much. 

We'll definitely be going again! Especially when it's near us. Next plan is to meet up with some friends  we made in Instagram at The 4 Legged!

The 4 Legged

Opening hours:
Tue - Thu3:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Fri - Sat12:00 pm - 2:00 am
Sun12:00 pm - 11:00 am

Phone: 81284456 / 90704440
  • Address: 10 Jalan leban
  • Singapore 577551


  1. AIYOOOOOOOOOOOOO SO CUUUUUUUUTE OMGGG if only I can bring Becky...but becky is totally anti-social. she wont stop barking at EVERY DOG. HAHAHA. BUT AWW cookie looks so small with the GIANT FLUFFY WHITE MARSHMALLOWS

    1. Bring and try! Maybe after awhile, she'll get used to it. Like Cookie, always excited & keep barking when someone comes to my house, then after awhile just quiet down and do his usual stuffs already. We can let the dogs meet at this cafe!