Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Cookie's Pawty & Sembawang Park

6th April 2014, Sunday

Attended our first dogs party! It was a poodle, also named Cookie's second birthday. Got Eileen to go with me! And there was alot of poodles around. Cookie was so out of place being the white and big one. Hahah!

That's the birthday boy!

This guy here sat by my legs for awhile before beginning to pee on me! Lucky it only got a little bit on my legs and the rest on the floor. Thank god I'm wearing shorts too.

After staying for an hour plus, we went off the Sembawang Park to meet Kanon! 

The first time I brought Cookie to the beach! Although I don't think it's his first time going.

This boy, scared of water as usual, refusing to go further in. 

Love those paw prints! 

Stayed for another hour plus before heading back. Super tiring as I bathed him straight since he was dirty from all the sands.