Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random photos

What do you do when you've a new camera? Spamming of photos of course! Just that, it's not my face. Not to worry. I always believe that if you have an ugly face & big size, it's best to stay hidden (meant for myself). 
Since I didn't went out today, all I could take was some foods I ate today. Had fun snapping around, then deleting a lot of them that are just too random. Like my house's fan, light and ceiling...

Steamed some mini baos for myself in the early afternoon. 

Mum bought Subway Sandwich back in the evening. Had Subway Melt w egg mayo, no veges! I hate raw vegetables. The staff suggested adding the egg mayo, and the price was very unappealing. $13+! For one footlong.

Then later at night, called brother to buy beverage from Coffee Bean for me! Tried Hazelnut ice blended.

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