Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Reunion Dinner

My first Reunion Dinner of the year! Maternal side for today. Had the same thing every year. 2 in 1 steamboat! Almost like our tradition to eat it during Chinese New Year. Mum gave ang baos too. As some of the relatives will be coming at different day for another reunion dinner, so we won't get to see them.

Reach there on 4pm+, had 2 meals over there. My late lunch and dinner. Yummy~

Sabrina and Patricia, the sisters.

Small Aunt, mother of the sisters above this photo.

One of my Uncles, not sure of his position.

Mum and another Uncle's wife.

Sabrina and Apple, daughter of my eldest aunt's.

Below three photos are taken by her:

Elder sister of Apple's.

Rainbow after the rain! Not really visible in my photo.

Eldest aunt, her eldest son's daughter, Jenise and Apple.

Another sister of Apple's and her son, Kyler.

Went home at around 9pm, dad was waiting very impatiently. He is not close with my maternal relatives. Oh well...

Love this photo! Saw this cat at the void deck while waiting for my dad's lorry.

Always love reunion dinner at maternal side. Despite everyone ended being oily, sweaty, sticky and warm after the steamboat.

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