Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Went temple to pray today for studies. As I'm having test for this evening. Then to North Point for my first meal. Spotted Pepper Lunch Express at the newly renovated foodcourt, so I had it! Rush off for my movie with Eileen.

Watched this! Snow White & The Huntsman. At some part, I was hopping to see Edward appearing to save her. Too used to seeing both together from Twilight. So it feels kinda weird to see the female lead without her 'boyf'. Heh.

After that, went for my school. Having a test which covers 50% of the mark for one of the modules. If I fail this, I can kiss goodbye to my yet-to-get cert.

Back to work tomorrow, after having a 5 days holiday. Don't bear to go back after I've tasted 'freedom' after a long time. But still have to go back. No money, no talk. Aiming to bear till at least September.

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