Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Old & New Aircon

We bought new aircons around 2 weeks back. And today is the day where they will come and install them! 

Probably one of the last 50 sets in Singapore. Totally Antique! Our old aircon. Money-sucker, as it drains a lot of electric. 

The free gifts! Oven Microwave and Sandwich Maker. I'm excited about the Sandwich Maker!

Didn't know it's such a hassle to install aircon. Only a very small part of what the workers brought & needed.

Drilling. I hate it. Irritating noises. And it makes our whole house dusty and dirty!

Finally done! 10.30am - 7pm+.

We got Hitachi, recommended by the salesman. Four ticks for saving electricity!

Hard work after that. Lots of cleaning needed! Still feel the floor is not clean enough despite vacuuming and mopping the floor for multiple times.

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