Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 & Rebonding

It's a brand new year! I'm actually more excited and looking forward to Chinese New Year. Hahaha.

Anyway, I went for a haircut and rebonding session on the first day of the year with cousin, Lihern! Not on purpose, but because cousin could only get her leave on this day. Tried a new salon as planned, called Kelly Hairdressing. At the same area as the salon I used to go.

Blur pictures as I cropped them. Mom took the photos too far, so I had to edit my gigantic body out. My original long but not silky hair! Pretty obvious, the ends are so thin! They just keep breaking. Bad side of having long hair.

I loved and have the habit to move the hair to the front and play around with them when I'm using the notebook at home.

I can't do it anymore! I'm having the separation sadness now.

The current length and shape. No more V-shape, so there's no tail! Feel the ends are pretty thick. But I'm sure they will break and thin out as time goes, just like what happened before cutting.

Overall, had a pleasant experience at the new salon. As for the skill, will have to wait for a few months before finding out if they're good. Hope the hair will last and won't be damaged!

Soft Rebonding, $139 + $20 additional treatment = $159 total.

Restocked my hair vitamins and L'oreal hair mask at CK as it's cheaper buying from them. Bought Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner to try as cousin recommended it. 

Cousin shared with me the samples for JHK shampoo and hair treatment that the stylist passed to her as she bought a $39 product. Shall see if it works for her before deciding to get it for myself. Been spending a lot on my hair already. With the not helping fact that I have too many products for the hair already!

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