Wednesday, January 9, 2013

ITE College Central

Second half of the modules have commenced two days ago. We were switched to the new ITE, at Ang Mo Kio. The campus is huge!

Not only is it huge, there's a lot of shops, basically like a shopping mall. They have escalators too.

They actually have Fair Price there! Love it! Can buy snacks etc after class as they close at 10PM.

A food court as well!

Mr Bean! But it closes at 9PM. Can only get it before class or during break. There's 20% discount for students! That includes P/T students as well.

ATM machines, and a mini bank as well! 

There's a restaurant there, some bubble tea shop and the lecturer told us there's actually a yoghurt store, Prima Deli and others as well! Yet to explore the place. But saw a few empty shops under renovation. Probably opening more shops! Such a pity I'm completing the course in two months time. Unless I failed the modules, which I hope won't happen. 

Back to classes, means it's study time! After a month of break, pretty much forgot most stuffs already. Especially Principal of Accounts. Have to work harder!

*All photos in this post are from google.

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