Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wedding Lunch / Nuffnang Cheque

A short update on the weekend.

The mother got invited to a Wedding Lunch at Pan Pacific yesterday, and so I tagged along. Mom was pretty well respected by the Groom due to reasons. And he actually hired a car to fetch us to the wedding venue!

Mom and some of her friends that attended with us.

The gifts. The small one is a unique heart-shaped thing to keep your keys together. The bigger one is actually a few measuring spoons in heart-shaped as well! Love these gifts. So useful! 

He saved us a table, but only 8 seats were filled. Also, 4 were vegetarian. We couldn't finish every dishes that were made for 10. Except the fish of cause. I think I ate half of it on my own and was still not satisfied. 

The first march in.

The 2nd march in. 

Trained to Woodlands after that with mom. Bought her vegetarian cakes then cabbed back home. Knocked out at 9.45PM and woke up 12 hours later. 

Side note, I've received my 3rd Nuffnang Cheque! Although it's supposed to be the 4th, oh well. Still, thank you Nuffnang! Although you're not the reason I started blogging, you're now part of the reasons to keep me continue blogging.

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