Saturday, January 26, 2013

Mommy's 50th Birthday

It's the mother's 50th birthday! Ordered a cake for her a week before. Asked her to choose the design and flavors. Already decided on Emicakes as they offers vegetarian cakes. She chose the Chocolate flavored, 'Pure Addiction'. 1.7 kgs, serves 20-25. After discount, $75. Split the cost between the brothers and me.

Hate the color they chose for the wordings. Can't they simply use white? Looks so ugly on the cake.

Birthday lady with her cake!

A few of mother's friends, that was actually the bride and groom of the wedding lunch that we attended last week, and 2 more of their friends treated us to lunch at a vegetarian restaurant as a birthday treat and gratitude on mom's help on the groom's mother's funeral before. 

Then back home to prepare! Last minute, mom decided to order a mini buffet as it's also the 15th of the month based on lunar calendar, her friends will be coming at the evening.

Mom with her friend, also the boss for the catering that refused to accept the payment. So glad that he's willing to accept this order as we actually called him on 2pm+, and requested to deliver on 7pm. 

I requested for the peach bun as it's a tradition to have it on one's birthday.

As mentioned, a simply mini vegetarian buffet. Thanks to mom's friend for the treat!

Another couple shot for them after their 30th wedding anniversary! 

Happy 50th birthday, mommy! I love you!

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