Sunday, April 14, 2013

Enrolment to Republic Polytechnic

A record for myself to remember what/how I went through the enrolment!

I applied for Republic Poly through DAE (Direct Admission Exercise) on Monday, 1st April 2013. The result came out on 5th April 2013. Friday of the same week I applied. I was offered a place! And it's my first choice as well. Totally didn't expect I will be accepted as I only have a Part Time Higher Nitec Certificate. Which was modified for working adults learner with only six modules. We were told if we were to apply for Part Time Diploma at Polys, we have to do bridging courses first. That's why I'm so shocked and surprised. I even wondered if they made a mistake.

Then, came the email of details for my enrolment.

It was a very stressful four days for me. I had no idea what is needed and how to complete the procedures as I have no Enrolment Package that was supposed to reach me within two weeks from 5th April 2013. However, my given deadline was 9th April 2013. How am I supposed to wait? And it is not helping that 6th & 7th are weekends. I couldn't check with RP on the details. So I'm left with two days. Checked with friends from RP and roughly got the details. Hopped around RP's website and found the files for forms that are supposed to be completed for the enrolment to be downloaded. Printed them and filled those necessaries up.

And then, the payment for school fees. Had to trail and error with CPF website in order to submit my request to use my brother's CPF for the fees. Just received an email that I have to submit our Birth Certificates as support of evidence that we're related, by mail and by 20th April 2013. Which obviously, is still not settled yet.

On 8th April 2013, Monday. I had Eileen went down to RP with me to submit the forms and double confirm if I have everything ready and not missed out anything. And also to configure my laptop, which I have booked appointment over the weekends. After that, we rush off for my medical check up. Which took up more than half of our day. Knew beforehand from friends that the report will take three days to be done. So I had previously emailed RP on that. Was given extended deadline on that till 17th April as my report was only ready on 12th April. 

Not to forget, I have to go for work as usual until 11th April which is my last day, then 12th April for the first day of my Orientation. Everything came so quickly and fast that I didn't have the chance to tell my boss until a couple of days before I have to quit. 

Definitely an intense week for me that my face grew more pimples as if it wasn't enough, and over the weekends for the enrolment, I dreamt that I was lost in the school for Orientation as I didn't know where the place is, and everything as it was so last minute. 

Glad most of this are over. Shall just prepare for the first day of school on 17th April 2013!


And to record down as well, I have actually started working from 14th Jan 2013 at a Beauty Distributor Company as a Part Time admin. Got this job through the recommendation of Michelle where she's working there as an accountant. Although she basically covers all the job from being Boss's PA to PR and Warehouse assistant as well. Salute! 

Didn't dared to blog about my job previously as I'm worried I'll quit very soon as I seems to quit jobs very fast. And well, I did quit after three months. But, it's for a better route of mine. Really thanks Michelle for the chance and helping me in every way despite me causing troubles for her. 

Enough of words as if it's already not a wordy post. 
Hopefully I will be able to complete the three years successfully in Polytechnic!

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