Saturday, June 1, 2013

Momiji Japanese Buffet with Cousin

And so, our (cousin Apple and me) real soon to go back to City Square was yesterday day! 
31 May 2013, Friday.
We actually planned for this buffet during our last trip for the korean bbq buffet. Walked pass it and find it so appealing! Met up for the lunch period as the dinner was much more expensive. To our surprise, there were queues even before opening! This makes us even more excited for it. 

Paid around $25 each after adding everything. So worth it!

There were lots of varieties and best of all, cooked salmon! Kiseki only offered Sashimi, so I didn't ate much. This time, I ate to my fullest! We were in love with their saba fish too! If I remembered correctly, we were satisfied with everything that went in to our mouth. 

The desserts! Look at the varieties again! We were shocked in a good way that the ice creams were from Haagen Dazs! Most of the buffet restaurants offered only cheap brands but not Momiji! We both agreed that just by going for the free flow ice cream were worth the price. Unfortunately, we only had one serving each due to the stomach being full already!

I don't know about my cousin, but I'll definitely want to go back again. I even feel like eating them again right now. Maybe partly because I am hungry right now.

After that, we stroll around the mall while carrying a heavy stone each. Our full stomach!
Then to Bugis after that at 4pm+, went to find another cousin, Lihern as I want to buy skincare products.

At around 7:30pm, we decided to have dinner even though we still felt full from the buffet earlier as we are worried we will be hungry by the time we reach home, and there's nothing to eat. Decided on Crystal Jade! As dimsums are small servings, no need to worry we can't finish it.

We shared the above, and paid $10 each. Back to carrying a stone again after that. 

Walked around again, and went back home at 9pm!

The loots! from Missha! Bought the Oxygen Micro Essence Peeling at $42.90 before discount, and Cleansing tissue at $14.90 before discount. The other two are free gifts! Had 35% and 30% off for the products. The good thing having cousins working at a beauty care shop. 

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