Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Short Food Reviews

It's the 3rd post of the month and it's ending very soon. Nothing much to update with me only going for work and school. So shall just do a short update on some of the foods I had for October.

Just had Udders for early dinner with mom. Had the Udders Bite, $7.5 which consist of 5 mini pancakes, scramble eggs and sausage. It was pretty delicious. Definitely going back. This might be my new craving! Ice cream after that! Tried the new flavour, Corny Honey. While mom had chocolate and mango sherbet.

Impromptu dinner with three classmates at Pizzahut on 28th October, Monday after school. I was scrolling through my phone and went to Pizzahut's website and saw this weekday special 1 for 1. So while they came 1 by 1, I place my phone in front of their face and grin. And so we went! Awesome dinner with lots of laughters. Paid around $10 each. 

Went to Ikea, Tampines with Eileen after work during the holiday for dinner as our workplace was pretty near it. Had been craving for it and finally ate them! The chicken thigh and fries was on offer at $4.5 if I remember correctly. 

Forgot when was this. Mom's friend had planned with us to bring us for dinner for quite awhile ago and finally the date was confirmed. He drove us to some restaurant for vegetarian first where I gain around 10 mosquitoes' bites. Dinner part 2 was Dimsum at Chinatown! Was super full that night. 

Made Infused Water to try after reading about it online of the benefits. Tried the most basic first as it was the first try. Lemon and mint leaves. It was pretty bitter probably due to the lemon skin. Next try will be berries flavour!

One of the dinner date with mom at Herbivore, Fortune Center - Bugis. I love their mushroom soup with 'garlic' bread. Unfortunately, most of the time, it was corn soup. So I was elated that day! 

November is coming soon! Definitely looking forward to 2014, with new goals to strive towards. 

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