Sunday, November 3, 2013

Volunteer Day at Gentle Paws

Met Eileen in the morning for breakfast at KFC before going Yishun and taking bus over to the shelter. We were way too early so we walked around to explore while searching for Gentle Paws Shelter. 

Contacted the In-charge, Florence after that for the exact address. She guided me through phone and we found it! We were too early, that there was only one regular volunteer there. He briefed us on the dogs, their names, characters and which dogs to avoid. After both regular and new volunteers started coming in, it was time to walk the dog!

Dogs were randomly paired up with humans and I got Darwin. The big sweet boy. Walked with him for 2km and went back for a rest!

Surrounded by the doggies. Resting after the walk while waiting for food.

After all the dogs came back, it was feeding time! Just looking at them eat can make us smile already. Choosing only rice to eat, leaving the kibbles untouched and ended up being still hungry and begging for more food. And leaving their own food untouched and stealing another dog's food.

Eileen and I definitely had fun even though the weather was hot, tiring and the shelter was a very long walk from the nearest bus stop. 

Went off the Ikea for late lunch after that since it was near. Then bus home!

It was really great to be able to meet the dogs in person after reading about them for so long at their blog and facebook.

Two photos that Eileen took.
Love this photo alot! Even though my hair looks like crap.
 We were staring at each other.

Hiding behind my legs because it got scolded by a volunteer for bullying another dog.

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