Sunday, November 17, 2013

First Facial Experience

Went for my first Facial after living on this earth for so long. I really failed as a woman. Should have taken more care on my face since long ago. Anyway, initially wanted to go somewhere else so I asked the cousin, Lihern along with me. But she said she has a fixed place and person to go to, and recommend me to go as well. 

So we fixed an appointment.

Honestly, I had no idea what treatment is what. I just follow the recommendation and what my cousin is doing. 

Apparently, we did the standard procedures, eyes, used a better quality's products and diamond peel. 
Total $50 for each of us and duration around 2 - 2.5 hours each.

The cousin's face at the final step, the masks. 

I swear my tears came running out when she was poking and squeezing the dirts and blackheads out. Until really no choice, she picked the 'larger' ones to get rid off and stopped after that. It was so painful! After the toughest part came the relaxing part. 

Overall, great experience and definitely will go back. Perhaps it's because we knew each other for quite a few years already, I feel comfortable over there.

Plus point, she made cereals for us when we said we were hungry! 
Bad point, as it's a home salon and she's the only one, we had to wait one by one. 
But we'd rather wait for her than getting some random people whom we don't trust to touch our faces! 

Hopefully can go for a facial again before Chinese New Year.


  1. I also hate the extraction part. Very painful!

  2. @elderflowertea

    Hi 5! And it makes me feel stupid, spending money to make myself in pain. Hahaha! But no pain, no beauty ._.