Friday, December 13, 2013

Adopting a dog, Cookie

It's been a little more than a month that we had a new family member. My 'son', as my mom calls it. I adopted a Japanese Spitz from someone that posted on SPCA rehoming notice board. 

His name is Cookie, that I decided to just stick to it from his ex-owners. Born in 10th July 2012. 

On 6th Nov, Wednesday, I contacted the owner and that same night, we had a meet up. Everything was fine, and we agreed on sending Cookie over two days later, 8th Nov, Friday. 

He had excessive barking issues for a few weeks since he came, then there were comments from neighbours about it since he barks even in the middle of the night. We sent him for simple behaviour training at a home day care meant for dogs. He has been improving, but still some slight hipcups. Hopefully nobody will lodge a complain, keeping my fingers crossed. 
And then, there's aggressiveness when we tried to take things from his mouth that he picked up himself. There was once he bit tissue, I tried to grab away and he gave me a few punctured holes and bruises in return. He bit my father far worse when he tried to take the banana skin from him. 
If it's food that is given from us, he allow us to take. 
So, we sent him for the simple training again! 

Other than these few hipcups, he is definitely a sweet dog and intelligent dog. Sometimes, he is too smart to the extend he has his own idea and ways, thus becoming a stubborn dog. 

Overall, he has been a joy.

Do consider adopting a dog if you want to own one. You will never be at ease when you know where the puppy you bought came from. If there's breeds that you want but unable to adopt, then please search for reputable breeders as I understand that pure breeds are rarely available for adoption, and many people are 'fighting' for it and in contrast, mongrels are widely available for adoptions as only small breeds are HDB approved, rarely available for mongrels. 

At first, I wanted to adopt a mongrel. I searched for shelters, ask my friend that is volunteering in one, but it didn't work out. Most of them are just too big, or some other reasons. 

So now, I'm with Cookie and he's with me. Stuck together, but willingly (at least for me)

Some adoption site:
Cat Welfare Society
HOPE Dog Rescue
Gentle Paws
Action for Singapore Dogs
Save Our Street Dogs 
House Rabbit Society of Singapore 


  1. Cookie is so cute! I'm sure your family will have great joy with him. :)

  2. haha cool didnt know he is adopted!!

  3. @Riyon Seah
    Thank you! I hope so too (:

    Hahaha, i don't really support buying of puppies if we're not clear of how the puppy's parents are living :x