Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Braces Appointment -Tightening

A month has passed, means another tightening! 

Before the tightening, Dr Vaz pressed on my top front teeth to check on the alignment. I nearly wanted to box him. My teeth has been pretty sensitive again, I suspect it was moving and he pressed it so hard! It was so painful! 

Before going for the appointment!

Had no idea what colour to choose. People actually ask me to choose pink for last appointment but I was worried others would say I'm acting cute so I didn't. This time, people in forum ask me to choose pink also. So I thought, heck. Just go for it. It's just a colour, and I won't be wearing braces forever. Should try as many colour as possible.

Loving how my front teeth is improving! Such obvious result after three months!

Not looking forward to the pain~

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