Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Malaysia Day Trip to TCM & Temples

22nd Feb 2014, Saturday

I went with mom, our family friends and some others to Malaysia, JB mainly to visit the TCM that is very famous. Mom has brought in different groups of friends since her first visit and many has praises for him. 

We booked a mini van with a total of around 12 people and we left at 6am+. 

First stop, breakfast! Scrumptious foods!  

Then off to the TCM. We stayed there for a few hours as all of us are queuing and taking turns for the consultation.

The massage there has positive reviews too, many that has problem with legs and couldn't walk, has improved a lot after the visits for massage.

Eileen, the first to consult when we went in together.

After everyone is done, we drove to the nearby Chinese Medicine Store to collect the medicines prescribed by the Doctor.

Off to lunch after that! All of us were famished even when we were still at the doctor's.
Had vegetarian food at a restaurant.

It was pretty good! And was quite cheap. I remembered per person, it only cost $10 - $12.

Off to a temple that is very famous for a very big fish that is rumored if you get to touch it, you will have some luck on money. 

Our main motive was to buy guavas from a particular stall. Previously when mom brought other groups to the TCM, they also came to buy the guavas and some asked mom to help them buy this time round since they did not went. Apparently, it taste different and much nicer than the normal ones.

All of the guavas were gone as mom and others swept them away. Somebody came after this and saw it was all gone. The powder that people normally ate with the guavas were popular too. Another of mom's friend bought 100 packs home after having their first try from the last trip. 

The big fish which I didn't had a chance to touch it. Kids were all blocking around trying to view the fish.

To another temple after that which I just stayed in the van as it was too hot and warm! 

Went for a quick shopping at KSL shopping mall since there's still time to dinner. But we bought nothing. Except we saw a vegetarian restaurant there! Now we can go JB ourselves without worrying there's no food available for mom.

Dinner was at some restaurant which I was disappointed at first as I was expecting to have dinner at the market with lots of cheap & delicious food which we always went for last few trips. 

So, I didn't bother taking photos of the foods. But the food was pretty good though.

Sun Set! 

Which sums up the end of our trip! Had a minor jam towards Singapore's custom but all else is alright. 

Shall plan a date to go KSL again for a slow shopping next time round!