Sunday, January 29, 2012

7th Day of CNY, First try on Spizza

Today is the 7th day, 初七 of Chinese New Year! Which is als人日, everyone's birthday. Lion Dance was invited this afternoon. 


Also had Spizza just now, evening time. The delivery came at 6.15pm. 

Ordered this, TARA 12 inch. $22 excluding delivery charge. Had 15% discount due to brother's credit card. What I don't like is that they charge GST additionally, they didn't wrote that the GST isn't included in the price. Ended up with roughly $22 for this pizza for the final charge.

First of all, the pizza was cold when it reached me. Resulted in hard & tough pizza. Mouth turned 'sour' before I managed to eat at least half of the pizza. Then, it was so salty. Probably due to the bacon and cheese. Will I order it again? Don't think I will. I'll prefer Domino's.

Price : 3/5 stars, Taste : 1.5/5 stars 

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