Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hello New Phone

Firstly, goodbye Galaxy Ace, that had served me since 5th May 2011. You've served me rather well other than the sucky battery life.

Hello Xperia Arc S! Got it using mum's contract. Originally $298, traded in my Galaxy Ace for $100 with $50 handset voucher. Paid $148 in cash. So expensive, as mum's line isn't with data plan. Since she has no use for it. Initially saw on the Starhub web that it's $248 based on mum's line. Ended up the staffs told us it's $298. Oh well...

Love how it looks plus the thinness! Other than that, shall decide if I'll love it anot for another few more days. When I get more familiarise with it. Main point, the battery life!

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